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prepaid charge cards

prepaid charge cards, low rate, instant approval

With Alert, you will know when a bill is due, a check has cleared, you're near your credit limit, and more! Use your prepaid charge cards at one of millions of places internationally. You can request a credit line increase for your prepaid charge cards right over the phone!

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You will receive immediate help if you ever need an emergency cash advance with your prepaid charge cards. With your prepaid charge cards you will pay no balance transfer fees and no annual fees! Contact your prepaid charge cards accounts wirelessly - through a cell phone or PDA. You can see your account balances, move money between Juniper and non-Juniper Accounts, and receive account alarms.

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Prepaid Charge Cards

You can bank 24/7 with your prepaid charge cards -- at our protected site,, or by calling Customer Service at 1-877-523-0478. When you buy tickets for airplane, bus, train, or ship travel with Juniper prepaid charge cards, you get up to $500,000 common carrier travel accident insurance for free!


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prepaid charge cards, low rate, instant approval

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